Thursday, August 16, 2007

July the 18th: Ciccio Sultano!

I would like to recommend a very nice restaurant in Ragusa (Sicily, IT). Ciccio Sultano at Duomo Restaurant is one of the best chef ever met, I mean since now. His recipes is based on first class raw materials from Sicily tradition. From a truffle based ice cream to cannoli review, from raw shrimp to "looks like pizza but it isn't!" every dish is really full of flavour.

We have been there July, 18th and really, it's value for money (although the money might seem a lot). We got the 7 courses "Vento e passione" menu and it's simply fantastic. Fish, meat and vegetables are very well associated. Menu may vary often so ask to know what it includes.

Also wines are from state of the art sicily tradition, mainly from Marco De Bartoli wine cellar. My favorite one is Pietra Nera a dry white wine delicious with raw fish.

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