Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mediterranean specialities: Campisi from Marzamemi (Siracusa)

Salvatore Campisi company is the finest producer of canned food in Sicily. It is based in Marzamemi, in the south of Sicily in Siracusa province and if you will ever be there you can enjoy food shopping, laying in the sun or discover the wonderful Vendicari Natural Reserve.
At Campisi they produce both fish, meat and vegetables based canned food. I strongly raccomend:

  • Crema di peperoncino: a hot pepper sauce with garlic (not a lot) and olive oil. Delicious with pasta, on bread or on top of tomato salad. I think it's about 100000 Scoville unit but if you try it let me know your opinion.
  • Bottarga di tonno: you can use this tuna eggs specialties on pasta. You don't need anything else then pasta, bottarga and olive oil to impress your guests.
  • Acciughe sott'olio: huge and tender anchovies. Usually canned anchovies are either to salted or tasteless.
  • all the rest at your choice!
From five generations Campisi put dedication, passion, professionality, the choice of the best sicilian product in his products. Those are the secrets of great success reached on specialized newspaper, world famous restaurants and chefs.

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