Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to lead the change

Are you in a change period? In business or life doesn't matter.
Maybe in your company you feel a sense of urgency and you strongly believe to act as soon as possible. Maybe you are not even sure how to act. Maybe you have a NoNo person in the board. Maybe you need to explain how you feel the problem and why it's so urgent. Lear how to lead the change in your life or in your business.

John Kotter (award-winning author from Harvard Business School) in "Our Iceberg is Melting" use a fable to explain how to understand the context (I mean the people) around you and how to act to lead a change. Easy to read and very direct, a penguin (yep it's cool like the Linux's penguin!), discovers a huge problem and he has to convince the communities to move immediatly.

"A simple fable with profound lessons for working and living in an ever changing world."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lotus Collaboration Summit

Wow! Lotus Collaboration Summit is started around the world and we have really big news.
Directly from Ed Brill's blog:

  • Announcement of IBM's Applications on Demand service for Lotus Notes. This is a pay-as-you-go service offering for Notes messaging, which Mike Rhodin indicated is priced between US$5 - $10 per user per month. I've been working with the AoD team as this offer gets going, and found that they have a lot of flexibility around what services to offer and at what price points.
  • Announcement of Notes/Domino 8.0.1. I'll post a separate blog entry with the feature list from this announcement, planned for availability in Q1, 2008.
  • Announcement of a new Domino Web Access lightweight mode, a very fast and lightweight UI for DWA coming in 8.0.1.
  • Announcement of Notes Traveler, a new feature of Domino 8.0.1 to support push mail to Windows Mobile devices at no additional cost. This announcement was in addition to the existing partnerships with RIM, Nokia, Motorola's Good Technology, CommonTime, iAnywhere, and Visto.
  • Announcement of Quickr 8.1, a 2008 release including a connector for Notes 8, a connector for Microsoft Outlook, performance and usability improvments, personal file sharing services, and enablers for integration with enterprise content management systems.
  • Announcement of a new product, the Quickr Content Integrator, designed to bring content from a variety of IBM and non-IBM content repositories into the Quickr environment with no customization required.
  • Announcement of Lotus Forms 3.0, a updated version of the product which includes a zero-footprint web-based filler.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lotusphere 2008

Today here at RedTurtle we have authorized me to be in Orlando at Lotusphere 2008. It will be the second edition for me and I'm sure it will be as interesting as last year. This time my fellow will be Andrea. Thank Elena you did a great job last time, I hope you can join it again in the future.

Mr Ed Brill in Italy

Well if you are involved in Lotus technology I'm sure you know Ed Brill's blog. He is Business Unit Executive, Worldwide Lotus Notes/Domino Sales, IBM Software Group.
Ed will be in Italy on October 8th in Milan and October 10th in Rome for the Lotus Collaboration Summit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A new buddy in OpenOffice project

Yesterday IBM announced participation in OpenOffice's project. Already embeddend in Notes 8 client from now IBM will support stronger the project. Here a cite from OpenOffice website:

The community today announced that IBM will be joining the community to collaborate on the development of software. IBM will be making initial code contributions that it has been developing as part of its Lotus Notes product, including accessibility enhancements, and will be making ongoing contributions to the feature richness and code quality of Besides working with the community on the free productivity suite's software, IBM will also leverage technology in its products. ...

"IBM is very pleased to be joining the community. We are very optimistic that IBM's contribution of technology and engineering resources will provide tangible benefits to the community membership and to users of technology around the world," said Mike Rhodin, General Manager of IBM's Lotus division. "We're particularly pleased to be teaming with the community to accelerate the rate of innovation in the office productivity marketplace. We believe that this relationship will improve our ability to deliver innovative value to users of IBM products and services. We also believe that the collaboration will lead to an even broader range of ODF-supporting applications (ISO 26300) and solutions that draw from the technology."

Read the full story or the Q&A.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My two cents: is Gmail business ready?

Yes maybe soon it will be business ready, but does Google guys think the same?

Here the short discussion on Linkedin. Jason says:

Google's offerings are in no way market mature. They may be seen as viable for use in the SMB market in roughly 2 years, though it is highly unlikely they will steal more than a small amont of market share from the incumbent providers like Microsoft and Notes.
on the other hand, Noam says:
So, if you're into - zero cost, big storage and hassle free usage - then you should take a look at Google Apps.
I think Gmail is almost ready for SMB (with some known limit) but not yet for the other markets. Limits:
  • low security (is it really low?)
  • no offline support (but currently Google Reader got it!)
  • data are not inside the company (comebody care about this?)
  • some functions and strong keyword support are missing (do you really need a client and press function keys or web interface is still ok?)

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