Thursday, September 6, 2007

My two cents: is Gmail business ready?

Yes maybe soon it will be business ready, but does Google guys think the same?

Here the short discussion on Linkedin. Jason says:

Google's offerings are in no way market mature. They may be seen as viable for use in the SMB market in roughly 2 years, though it is highly unlikely they will steal more than a small amont of market share from the incumbent providers like Microsoft and Notes.
on the other hand, Noam says:
So, if you're into - zero cost, big storage and hassle free usage - then you should take a look at Google Apps.
I think Gmail is almost ready for SMB (with some known limit) but not yet for the other markets. Limits:
  • low security (is it really low?)
  • no offline support (but currently Google Reader got it!)
  • data are not inside the company (comebody care about this?)
  • some functions and strong keyword support are missing (do you really need a client and press function keys or web interface is still ok?)

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