Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My first dojo

It's a couple of year that I'm very interested in eXtreme Programming and Agile software. Yesterday i had my first dojo on Eclipse and Java. It wasn't really like the other karate dojo that I usually do, definitely.

Dojo was organized by Bologna XP User Group (again Italy!): many guys with high skill on ICT in different lenaguages and technology. Dojo was the second event in that community for me, the first was an XP Game (also very interesting).

In the dojo we was about 20 guys, 1 PC and 2 people per turn on that PC: one act as "navigator" the other as "writer". We rotated in 10 minutes turn and write a TDD software to check who wins a simplified poker game.

What I learn:

  • everyone has his own TDD style, even the more expert discuss a lot on how apply test and assert on the code.
  • TDD is just one of the techniques to improve software quality and efficiency
  • the best way to start with Agile and XP is agile approach: start with one methodology, practice or technic at time ad see how does if fit in your every day work.
  • I'm strongly convinced that methodology/practice may be different based on project, peopole or other environment factor.
  • I'm strongly convinced that Agile and XP works. Does Google geeks use those? Yes my dear they do, Is it enought?

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