Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 2 at Lotusphere 2008

Monday is the "Opening general session" day! In 2007 we had Neil Armstrong, this year is the turn of Bob Costas. I'm sure all the Americans enjoy a lot but well for us coming from Europe is different. Enyway I get fun to hear about that Patriots fan who predicted Patriots wins NFL every time a Russian revolution take place.

On the OGS the first announce was about "Atlantic" project: a deep integration between SAP and Lotus Notes.

Then is the turn of Domino Web Access (iPhone, Lite mode and much more!!!) and of a challenge between Lotus Notes development team and Lotus Domino development team: every teams have explained all the news in the upcoming versions.

And finally three brand new products: Lotus Mashups, Lotus Foundations and Bluehouse.

After the OGS I join this sessions:
  • ID101: What's new in the IBM Lotus Notes
  • BP104 Die Hard - Deciphering a IBM Lotus Domino Server Crash
  • ID202: IBM Lotus Domino Administration
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