Monday, June 2, 2008

Does open source grow? A "Yes" from a SAP research

Now a day "open source" is everywhere: our old friends, Lotus Notes, now is based on open source project "Eclipse RCP", most of the advanced firewalling and networking software are based on IPTables/IPChains, Squid, or other GNU/Linux based solutions, OpenOffice is widely used everywhere (even in Notes 8 client) and so on.
What does it means? More today than in the past open source is a reality in the IT world. Do I save money if I use open source? Maybe but that's not the point. Open source based solutions are "open" as not locked by a single vendor and more important "open" for the integration.
INTEGRATION that's the keyword. Just thinks about Apple. Apple is growing a lot (see this interesting post in Slashdot about Apple's laptop and Apple's high-end desktop), and integration is a "must" for the new technology no more just Windows based PC or desktop. The fast growth of RSS, SOA, , XML-RPC, ODF, is a clear sign of the need for integration.

Some days ago I've read this interesting study (one of the many availables over the Internet) about the growth of open source project. The interesting thing is that it's a SAP research. Not a Sourceforge, Debian or other GNU/Linux affiliated organization. Is SAP involved in opensource? Not really in my mind. Even through I'm not an expert, I figure SAP as a really closed world. But they are interested in open source. Just monitoring? May be.

Here an extract of th research.

Our work shows that the additions to open source projects, the total project size (measured in source lines of code), the number of new open source projects, and the total number of open source projects are growing at an exponential rate. The total amount of source code and the total number of projects double about every 14 months.
Read the full story.

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