Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PloneGOV: official launch in Italy today!

The first edition of a nationwide event about PloneGov will be hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, Italy (the first Italian participant in PloneGov).

Event title is "Public Administration and free software sharing: PloneGov, from Europe to Italy". The site will be the Convention Hall of the Chamber of Commerce in Ferrara, just in front of the Estense Castle.

The topics will include a general overview of Plone and PloneGov as well as CommunesPlone, that will be treated as a reference case study and an example that can be possibly replicated in Italy. The history of open source software sharing among Italian Public Administration will be addressed by one or two talks. Some talks will be given by influential opinion makers like consultants to CNIPA - the Italian National Committee for IT in the Public Administrations, and by representatives of Italian PloneGov Organizations.

The target are Italian Public Administration deciders and stakeholders like the ANCI (association of more than 6.000 Italian communes) and the CNIPA itself. Participation is free of charge: it will be a one day event for up to 100 qualified spectators, that will register through an online application form available at the event site where the detailed programme can also be found: even though there is no preclusion for any kind of audience, priority will be given to Public Administration personnel.

Talks will start at 09.30 AM and end at 13.00. Coffee breaks and a buffet lunch will be served, simultaneous interpreting to/from Italian, English and French will be available. An afternoon session is planned, where attendants will meet ZEA Partners and other Plone businesses to discuss technical issues.

Event site: Public Administration and free software sharing: PloneGov, from Europe to Italy - About PloneGOV

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