Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Study: SharePoint, Lotus in for long collaboration fight

Forrester Research Inc. published a report on Collaboration fight between Lotus and Sharepoint. Today one of mine Google alert send me a link on this topic by PC World:

Microsoft and IBM have been duking it out over e-mail and messaging software for years with their respective Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino products. As their product lines have evolved, however, a new fight is brewing between Lotus and Microsoft's SharePoint Server as the platform of choice for enterprise collaboration strategy.
And about the power of Eclipse based client:
However, IBM still has an edge in providing third-party applications that run on Notes and Domino if companies want to use software from more than one vendor, according to the report. Also, Notes, Sametime, IBM's corporate instant-messaging client, and Quickr, IBM's content-sharing application, are built on the open-source Eclipse developer platform, which allows them to run Eclipse plug-ins natively and provides a more open development architecture for third-party applications.
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A me non sembrano grossi esperti:

If a company already uses IBM software, such as WebSphere Portal and IBM Content Manager, then using Lotus is a natural choice for an organization. Developers who build applications primarily in Java also may prefer Lotus, according to the report.
Casomai è il contrario aziende che usano Domino allora potrebbero usare WebSphere.