Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 0 at Lotusphere: BDD, Designer 8.5 (and 8.5.1), Admin Jumstart and Domino on Linux 101

Today I have attend at the following sessions:

BDD211 You Have to Think and Act Like an Executive ....If You Want to Sell to Them!
The talk in a couple of concepts:

  • CEO is stressed by different actors (board, competition, share holders, leading team) so he get short attentions by you.
  • Do not fall down in the attentions trick: contents get only 7% of the pike, the other preponderant factors are voice and most important body languages (It's not only about the study who the speaker report but also about cognitive science).
BDD210 Slaying the Dragon 2009: How Small Partners Land Big Clients.

JMP206 Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.5, Now with Eclipse!
Here the key message is: X-Page, custom controls an themes get you a complete separation between datas and his presentations. Maybe in 8.5.1 we will see LotusScript and Java editors in the brand new Domino Designer in Eclipse.

JMP102 IBM Lotus Domino Administrator Jumpstart.
I discuss about this in a previous post and finally I run the DCT on one of my servers and as you can see it's a 8.0.2 GNU/Linux Debian server.

SHOW102 IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino on Linux 101. Here everything is cool, just download the presetation!

My "Day 0" photo stream on Flickr.

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