Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 1 at Lotusphere: a bad OGS, a even more better client and DAOS+IDVault religion

Today I have attend at the following sessions:

Opening General Session
As usually happen, big show: this year we have Blue Man Group and Dan Aykroyd. The new Lotus Software General Manager, Bob Picciano, announces significant grow in the yellow brand: 16 consecutive quarters of growth and more than 12,000 new customers in the last 12 months. If you put apart (hey Lotus! Why named Live? Does it look familiar to you? Not to me for sure ...), this year seems that everything is focused on mobile market, such as Sametime and XPages on BlackBerry device news. But if you go a little bit in deep there are tons of news not announced in OGS. On Monday I completely agree with Nathan but right now (Tuesday evening), I change my mind. Definitely. I will talk about this later during the week.

ID101 What's New in the IBM Lotus Notes Client
Upcoming: better "right click" menu, accept/decline appointment in the preview and sidebar "todo" widget. In the future just 1 word "federation" (contacts federation and mail federation) and total recall: a sort of history on the documents, views and other stuff users visit. Sound similar to browser history but it's searchable!

BP111 Reports, Charts and Graphs 2.0
Charts and Graphs with client, with browser, with widget, with javascript, with Flash. Really cool!

BP213 The low-down on LDAP
SHOW101 ID Vault, Roaming and DAOS: get ahead of the curve with IBM Lotus Domino 8.5
Soon you can find the slide available somewhere after that DAOS and IDVault will not be a secret anymore.

BOF 316 Meet the Performace Team
64 bit is your friends, Linux is definitely your our friends.

Last but not least, happy 20th birthday Notes!

My "Day 1" photo stream on Flickr

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