Monday, June 22, 2009

Zagat, worldwide resource for restaurants is one of the best Internet resource for restaurants all around the world. The American company define it self as the web's most trusted guide to restaurant reviews and I strongly agree since I used a lot Zagat for my last trip in Orlando last April.


Rob Axelrod said...

I have been a subscriber for years and can attest that it is the best. Even in Europe their recommendations are consistently great though the number of reviews are limited for many cities there. If you are a heavy traveler that likes to find great restaurants where the locals go and not go to a chain or the most famous tourist spot then Zagats is a must!

Fabio Pignatti said...

Rob you are right. I'm travelling a lot, expecially in the US in the last couple of years, and I must admit that Zagat has changed my travelling experience!