Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First time in karategi together!

On Monday it has been the first time for me and my little son Francesco to wear together the karate uniform 'karategi'.

For almost 30 years I have spent my free time on the tatami, first as a young schoolboy, then as athlete in kumite and finally as a karate instructor. That's why 'last monday' was a big deal for me. And for Francesco as well: he really couldn't wait to wear the uniform.


John Turnbow said...

Did the same with my son as well many years ago. You and your son will share a lot in life with this!

The SilentDragon
Tae Kwon Do / Heng / Mudo

Cristian D'Aloisio said...

Che figata!

Anonymous said...

your blog is very nice. keep going!!

goodeda1122 said...
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lily gossip said...

Very interesting things your together in karategi,Many year later,when your son see the photos, he should be we value