Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IBM Project Vulcan, photos and news

On the OGS we learn about IBM Project Vulcan, as report on Ed Brill's Blog “Project Vulcan is the blueprint for where Lotus Notes is going”. During the Opening general session we have some screen shots of the evolution of the Notes client:

and some concept on mobile devices like BlackBerry or iPhone:

Other news comes from the keynote during the first two day of Lotusphere, one is particularly important: after 8.5.2 Notes will be “vulcanized”.

Other pictures on Project Vulcan can be found in my Flickr photostream.

My 2 cents on this project are:
  1. Notes 9 will be the Project Vulcan implementation like Notes 8 has been the Hannover's one.
  2. Project Vulcan will be hugely developed in xPages and other web technology.
  3. Notes 3 to 8 apps still work fine in the Vulcan. This doesn't came from me but from history. :-)

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