Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lotusphere in sentence, Day 0


  1. After “Emergence” in 2008 and “Resonance” in 2009, this year the Lotusphere theme is “Lotus knows”.
  2. My daily agenda: BOOT103 (great job Franziska), SHOW105, BOOT104, JMP102 and Welcome Reception.
Admin tips:
  1. DAOS and SAN? Again, be sure transaction logging is on a separate and dedicated LUN.
  2. Set all compressions "on" using console: load compact mail -ZU -n -v -C
  3. Deny access list and HTTP? Be careful you have to set “Enforce server access settings” in server documents, ports, Internet ports otherwise HTTP do not follow the configuration.
  4. In NAB “Actions-> Set Secure Internet Password” allow you to encrypt the HTTP password in secure way. Note, I mean a “secure”, not a “more secure” cause the standard HTTP password mechanism use @Password to encrypt so (eg) same password are show with the same encryption. Mandatory!
  5. In the configuration setting, set “Enforce Internet/Password Lockout” to prevent a brute force attack over HTTP. You can also use policy to specify a per-person criteria.
  6. Notes Shared Login do not require software installation on the clients (and it's much better than previous OS login) and you can use policy to set it!

  1. Sametime 8.5 will be released in two flavors: Sametime 8.5 Community Services for chats and awareness (Domino based) and Sametime 8.5 Meeting Services (Websphere based) for meeting and video conferencing.
  2. Wes Morgan rules on Sametime 97/3 utilization: 97% of the users will be logged into chat, 3% parteciping in meetings.
Welcome reception:
  1. Still cold. :-(
  2. A nice match against Andrea playing tennis with Wii.

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