Monday, January 18, 2010

Lotusphere in sentence, Day 1 (Opening general session)

General and vision:

  • Lotus knows why.
  • Lotus knows how.
  • This year the special guest is Captain Kirk William Shatner directly form Enterprise!
  • GM, RIM, Continental, Panasonic and Zurich are the customers presented this year by Lotus.
  • You knew the importance of delivering on promises.
  • 18378 new customers after Domino 8 was been released.
  • Positive disruption: capabilities for free Symphony.
  • Collaboration agenda is a new offering who puts together different Lotus products and is designed with industry specific teams who helps company to design his own specific solution: lower the cost of collaboration and improve people collaboration.
  • File Navigator by Rene Winkelmeyer is the best open source Notes application.
  • LotusLive with 18M users, now is offered for 4 USD per user per month.
  • IBM Project Vulcan is a sneak peak into the evolution of collaboration.
Demo time:
  • Now in xPages applications is possible to use Quickr component.
  • IBM Multimedia Library for Lotus Notes: the fastest, most affordable way to learn Lotus Notes, Sametime and Quickr!
  • Quickr and Alfresco are now integrated.
  • Announced Lotus Notes Traveler for Android
  • Lotus Notes Traveler Companion is an iPhone plugin who can provide to access encrypted email on the iPhone (using Notes ID security!)
  • xPages now runs in the Notes client: develop once, run everywhere!
  • LotusLive labs is a set of services availables in Some examples: slide library, event maps, collaborative recorded meetings and composer.
Specific on Project Vulcan:
  • Project Vulcan embraces the one programming model: public REST APIs, Widget and Mashups, xPages for Notes, HTML5 for richer user experiences.
  • Project Vulcan: continuity, convergence, innovation, new opportunities
  • Project Vulcan and the competition? IBM says it is not an answer to Google Wave.
  • Project Vulcan is based on Notes Client and in the browser you have the same experience.
  • Project Vulcan can be accessed through Blackberry or iPhone.
  • Project Vulcan as the brand new Notes 9 is my guess.
  • Project Vulcan will be shipped in 2011.

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