Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lotusphere in sentence, Day 1 - other sentences


  1. My daily agenda: OGS, ID201, KEY104, AD201, BP306, AD207, BOF201.
  2. Thanks Bob for the button!
  3. Great sushi at Kimonos restaurant.
Lotus Notes and Domino strategy and future:
  1. LotusLive Notes will be launched
  2. Support for Citrix, XenApp, VMWare client virtualization technology
  3. Lotus Notes Traveler on Android
  4. Lotus Domino will be available as a image on Amazon EC2
  5. Lotus Business Solutions Catalog is being released
  6. Symphony 3.0 will be beta in the next month and it will be released in 2010
  7. After 8.5.2 Notes will be “vulcanized”
  8. Project Concord was introducted: web-based collaborative document editor for creating, editing and sharing documents.
  1. Symphony “Vienna” will be based on OpenOffice 3.x (Q2 2010).
  2. Symphony “Vienna” will be support MS VB macro.
  3. LotusScript classes are available to manipulate Symphony applications (Java API will be available with “Vienna”).
  4. Strategy: catch up with the latest OpenOffice regurarly.
Domino Designer:
  1. Many people during BOF push to have a Mac based Domino Designer soon.
  2. Performance in opening mail template: benchmark says 10 seconds, if you experience are minutes it's not normal.
  3. Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.2 beta is available for partner program.

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